Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

Ju'ro, I swear; conjure, jury, per- | Lu'cubro, I work by lamp-light; jure. lucubrate.

Jus, ju'ris, right, law; justice, juris- Lu'do, lu'sum, to play; allude, de-
diction, injure.

Juv'enis, a youth; juvenile, junior.
Juv'o, ju'tum, to help; adjutant.
Lab'or, toil, labor; elaborate.

Lu'men, lu'minis, light; luminary.
Lu'na, the moon; lunatic, sub-

La'bor, lap'sus, to fall; lapse, relapse.
Lǎ'cer, torn; lacerate.

Lac, lac'tis, milk; lacteal.

La'cio, I entice; elicit.

Læ'do, læ'sum, to strike against; Luxŭ'ria, luxury; luscious.

collide, collision, lesion.
Lam'bo, I lick; lambent.
La'mina, a thin plate; laminated.
Lan'gueo, I am faint; languor.
Lap'is, lap'idis, a stone; dilapidate.
La'tus, wide; dilate, latitude.
Lat'us, lat'eris, the side; lateral.
Laus, lau'dis, praise; laud, laudable.
Lav'o, I wash; lave, lavatory.
Lax'us, loose; lax, relax.

Lu'o, lu'tum, to wash; alluvial, di-

Lus'tro, I purify; lustre, illustrate.
Lux, lu'cis, light; elucidate, lucid.


Le'go, lec'tum, to gather, to read;
collect, elect, lecture, neglect.
Le'nis, gentle; lenity, lenient.
Lev'o, I raise; elevate, levity, lever.
Lex, le'gis, a law; legislate, legal.
Li'ber, free; liberal, liberty.
Lib'er, a b k; library, libel.
Li'bra, a balance; deliberate.
Li'cet, it is lawful; license, illicit.
Lig'num, wood; ligneous.
Li'go, liga'tum, to bind; ligament,
ligature, oblige.

Li'men, lim'inis, a threshold; elim

inate, preliminary.

Li'ne-a, a line; lineament.
Lin'gua, the tongue; language.
Lin'quo, lic'tum, to leave; relict, re-

Li'queo, I melt; liquid.
Li'ra, a ridge between two furrows;
delirious, out of line, not right.
Lis, li'tis, strife; litigate.
Li'tera, a letter; literal.
Loc'us, a place; collocate, local.
Lon'gus, long; longitude, prolong.
Lo'quor, locu'tus, to speak; elocu-

tion, loquacity, obloquy, soliloquy.
Lu'bricus, slippery; lubricate.
Luc'rum, gain; lucrative, lucre.
Luc'tor, I struggle; reluct, reluctant.

Mǎ'cer, lean; emaciate, meagre.
Mac'ula, a spot; immaculate.
Mag'nus, great; magnitude.
Ma'jor, greater; majority.
Mal'us, bad; malcontent.
Mal'le-us, a hammer; mallet, malle-

Le'go, lega'tum, to send; legate, leg-| Man'eo, I stay; permanent.

Ma'no, I flow; emanate.
Man'us, a hand; manual.

Mă're, the sea; marine, maritime.
Mars, Mar'tis, the god of war; mar-

Mam'ma, a breast; mammalia.
Man'do, I bid; command, mandate.
Man'do, I chew; mandible, manger.

Mat'er, mat'ris, a mother; mater-
nal, matrimony, matron.

Matu'rus, ripe; mature, premature.
Med'eor, I heal; medical, remedy.
Med'ius, middle; mediator, medium.
Mel, honey; mellifluous.
Mel'ior, better; ameliorate.
Mem'or, mindful; memoir, remem-

Men'da, a fault; emendation, mena.
Men'dax, false; mendacious.
Men'dicus, a beggar; mendicant.
Mens, men'tis, the mind; comment.
Me'o, me-a'tum, to pass; permeate.
Měr'eo, mer'itus, to deserve; merit.
Mer'go, mer'sum, to plunge; emerge.
Merx, mer'cis; merchandise, com-


Me'tior, men'sus, to measure; im


Mig'ro, I remove; migrate, emigrate.
Mi'les, mil'itis, a soldier; militant.
Mil'le, a thousand; millennium.
Min'æ, threats; minatory, immin-

Minis'ter, a servant; administer.

Min'or, less; Min'uo, I lessen; mi- | Nig'er, black; negro.

nority, diminution, diminish. Nihil, nothing; annihilate, nihility. Mi'ror, I wonder; mirror, admirable. | No'ceo, I hurt; noxious, innocent. Mis'ceo, mix'tum, to mix; miscel- No'men, nom'inis, a name; denominate.


Mis'er, wretched; commiserate.
Mi'tis, mild; Mit'igo, I soothe;

Nor'ma, a rule; enormous, normal.
Nos'co, no'tum, to know; note,


Mit'to, mis'sum, to send; mission, Nov'em, nine; November. remit. Nov'us, new; novel, renovate. Nox, noc'tis, night; nocturnal. Nu'bo, nup'tum, to marry; connubial.

Mod'us, a measure; mode, moderate.
Mol'a, a mill; meal used in sacri-

fices; immolate.

Mo'les, a mass; Mo'lior, I toil, I Nu'dus, naked; denude, nudity.

build; molest, mole, demolish. Mol'lis, soft; mollify, emollient. Mon'eo, mon'itum, to warn; admonish.

Nu'gæ, jokes, trifles; nugatory.
Nullus, none; annul, nullify.
Num'erus, a number; enumerate.
Nun'cio, I announce; enunciate,

Nu'o, I nod; innuendo.
Nu'trio, I nourish; nurture, nutri-

Obli'quus, aslant; oblique, obliquity.
Obliv'io, forgetfulness; oblivion.
Occul'tus, hidden; occult.

Mons, mon'tis, a high hill; moun-

Mon'stro, I point out; demonstrate.
Mor'bus, disease; morbid, morbific.
Mor'deo, mor'sum, to bite; remorse.
Mors, mor'tis, death; immortal.
Mos, mor'is, a manner; moral.
Mov'eo, mo'tum, to move; remote,

Mu'cus, slimy matter; mucilagin- O'di, I hate; odious, odium.


Mul'tus, many; multitude, multiply.
Mun'dus, the world; mundane.
Mu'nio, I fortify; ammunition.
Mu'nus, mu'neris, a gift; remuner-


Mu'rus, a wall; mural, immure.
Mus'culus, a tendon; muscular.
Mu'to, muta'tum, to change; muta-

Năr'ro, I relate; narrative.
Nas'cor, na'tus, to be born; nascent,
natal, nature, nation.
Na'sus, the nose; nasal.

Oc'to, eight; octagon, octave, octavo.
Oc'ulus, the eye; ocular, inoculate.

Ner'vus, a sinew; nerve, enervate.
Neu'ter, neither; neutral, neutrality.

Od'or, smell; odorous, odoriferous.
Ol'eo, to emit a smell; redolent.
O'men, om'inis, a sign; abominate,

Om'nis, all; omnipotert, omnific.
On'us, a burden; exonerate, onerous.
Opa'cus, dark; opacity, opaque.
Opi'nor, I think; opine, opinion.
Op'to, I wish; adopt, optative, option.
Op'us, op'eris, a work; operate.
Or'bis, a circle; orbit, exorbitant.
Or'do, or'dinis, order; extraordi-


Or'ior, or'tus, to rise; abortive,

Nat'o, I swim; natant, supernatant.
Na'vis,a ship; naval, navigate, navy.
Neb'ula, a cloud; nebulous, nebular,
Nec'to, nex'um, to tie; annex, con- | Os, o'ris, the mouth; O'ro, ora'tum,

Or'no, orna'tum, to adorn; orna-


Neg'o, nega'tum, to deny; negation. Nego'tium, a business; negotiate. Nep'os, nepo'tis, a grandson; nepotism (undue favoritism shown to relatives).


to beg; adore, oral, orator.

Os, os'sis, a bone; osseous, ossify.
Os'cillo, I swing; oscillate.
O'vum, an egg; oval, oviform.
Pa'gus, a province; pagan.
Pal'lium, a cloak; palliate.
Pal'po, pal'patum to touch softly;
palpable, palpitate.

Pan'do, pan'sum, to spread; ex- Ple'nus, full; plenary, replenish.
pand, expanse.
Ple'o, ple'tum, to fill; complete, re-

Pan'go, pac'tum, to fasten; compact.
Par, equal; par, parity, disparage.
Păr'eo, păritum, to appear; appari-

Plic'o, I fold; complicate, implicit. Plo'ro, I cry out; deplore, explore. Plum'bum, lead; plumber, plummet. Păr'io, I bring forth; parent, bipar- Plu'mula, a little feather; plumule. Plus, plu'ris, more; plural, surplus, nonplus.


Păro, para'tum, to prepare; repair. Pars, par'tis, a part; particular, partial.

Plu'via, rain; pluvial, pluvious. Pœ'na, penalty; pain, repent, penal. Pas'co, pas'tum, to feed; pastor, re- | Pol'is, pol'itum, to smooth; polish, past.

Pat'eo, I lie open; patent, patulous.
Pat'er, a father; paternal, patron.
Pat'ior, pas'sus, to suffer; patient,

Pau'ci, few; paucity.
Pau'per, poor; pauperism.
Pax, pa'cis, peace; appease, pacific.
Pec'co; I sin; impeccable, peccant.
Pec'tus, pec'toris, the breast; ex-

Po'no, pos'itum, to put; compose, depose,expose, posit, pose, postpone. Pons, pon'tis, a bridge; pontiff, pontoon.

Pop'ulus, people; Pub'licus, public;

popular, publish, depopulate. Por'to, I carry; important, portable. Pos'sum, po'tui, to be able; possible, potent.

Pos'terus, coming after; posterior,
posterity, preposterous.
Pos'tulo, postula'tum, to demand;
expostulate, postulatory.

Po'to, pota'tum, to drink; potation.
Præda, prey; depredate, predatory.

Pe'ne, almost; peninsula.
Pen'etro, penetra'tum, to pierce; Pran'dium, a breakfast; post-pran-

Pec'us, cattle; peculate, peculiar. Pecu'nia, money; pecuniary, pecunious.

Pel'lis, a skin or hide; pellicle, peel.
Pello, pul'sum, to beat; pulse, repel.
Pen'deo, pen'sum, to hang; depend-

Pen'do, pen'sum, to weigh; expend,


Pollen, fine flour, mill dust; pollen.
Pol'us, a pole; polar, polarity.
Po'mum, fruit, an apple; pomace.
Pon'dus, pon'deris, a weight; pon-

Pěr'ior, per'itus, to try; experiment.
Perso'na, a mask used by players;

person, personate, parson.

Pēs, ped'is, the foot; biped, pedestal.
Pe'to, I seek; appetite, petition.
Pil'o, I plunder; compile, pilfer.
Pin'go, pic'tum, to paint; picture.
Pi'o, pia'tum, to atone for; expiate.
Pis'cis, a fish; piscatory.
Pistil'lum, a pestle; pistil, pistillate.
Pi'us, pious; impiety, pietist.
Plăceo, I please; placid, pleasant.
Pla'co, I appease; implacable.
Plan'go, planc'tum, to strike; com-

Plan'ta, a plant; transplant.
Pla'nus, plain; explain, plane.
Plau'do, plau'sum, to clap; applaud.
Plebs,the common people; plebeian.


Prav'us, crooked; depravity.
Prec'or, I beg; deprecate, precarious.
Prehen'do, I lay hold of; apprehend.
Prem'o, pres'sum, to press; com-

Pret'ium, price; appreciate, pre-

Pri'mus, first; primary, primitive.
Pri'vus, single; deprive, private.
Prob'us, good; Prob'o, I test; prob-

ity, probe, probable, prove.
Pro'les, what grows forth; prolific.
Pro'nus, turned forward; prone.
Propa'go, I extend; propagate.
Prop'e, near; Prox'imus, nearest;
propinquity, proximate, approach
Prop'rius, one's own; appropriate
proper, property.
Pru'rio,to itch, to long for; prurient.

Pud'eo, to be ashamed; impudent.
Pu'er, a boy; puerile, puerility.
Pug'na, a fight; pugnacious, repug-

Rig'o, rig'atum, to water; irrigate.
Ri'vus, a stream; derive, rival, river.
Ro'bur, oak, strength; corroborate.
Ro'do, ro'sum, to gnaw; corrode.

Pul'mo, pulmonis, the lungs; pul- Rog'o, roga'tum, to ask; arrogate, monary.

Pul'vis, pulveris, dust; pulverize. Pun'go, punc'tum, to prick; compunction, expunge, puncture, punctual.

Pu'nio, I punish; impunity, punitive.

Put'o,puta'tum,to lop, to think; am

putate, compute, impute, putative. Put'ris, rotten; putrefaction, putrid. Quæ'ro, quæsi'tum, to seek; query, quest.

Qua'lis, such as; qualify, quality.
Quan'tus, how great; quantity.
Quat'io, quas'sum, to shake; con-

Pu'pa, a girl; Pupil'la, an orphan girl; pupil, puppet.

Rus, ru'ris, the country; rural.


Pur'go, I make clean; purge, purg- Să'cer, consecrated; sacred, sacrifice. Sag'ax, saga'cis, wise; sagacious. Pu'sus, a little boy; Pusil'lus, petty; Sal, salt; salad, saline, salary. pusillanimous.. Sal'io, sal'tum, to leap; salient, saltatory.

cussion, discussion, percussion. Quat'uor, four; Quad'ra, a square;

quadrate, quarter, square. Que'ror, I complain; quarrel, querulous.


Rot'a, a wheel; rotary, rote, rotund.
Ru'dis, rude; erudite, rudiment.
Ru'ga, a wrinkle; corrugate, rugose.
Ru'men, ru'minis, the throat; ru-


Ra'dix, a root; eradicate, radical.
Ra'do, ra'sum, to scrape; erase,

Rum'po, rup'tum, to break; interrupt.


Ra'mus, a branch; ramify.
Rap'io, rap'tum, to seize; rapacious.
Ra'rus, thin; rare, rarely, rarity.
Re'cens, recen'tis, new; recent.
Reg'o, rec'tum, to keep straight;

correct, direct, regal, regular.
Re'or, ra'tus, to reckon; Ratio, a
reckoning; rate, ratify, rational.
Re'po, rep'tum, to creep; reptile.
Res, a thing; real, reality.
Re'te, a net; reticule, retina.
Ri'deo, ri'sum, to laugh; deride,

Rig'eo, I am stiff; rigid, rigorous.

Sali'va, spittle; salivary, salivate. Sal'us, salu'tis, a being safe; Sal'vus, safe; salutary, salute, salvation, salve, safe.

San'cio, sanc'tum, to sanction; saint, sanctify.

San'guis, blood; consanguinity. Sa'nus, sound; insane, sanative, sanity.

Sap'io, I taste, I know; insipid, sapient.

Qui'es, quie'tis, quiet; acquiesce.
Quin'que, five; quintessence.
Quot, how many; quota, quotient.
Rab'ies, madness; rabid, rave.
Rad'ius, a rod, a spoke; radiate, Scin'do, scis'sum, to cut; rescind,



Scintilla, a spark; scintillant, scintillate.

Sa'po, sapo'nis, soap; saponaceous.
Sat'is, enough; sate, satiate, satisfy.
Scala, a ladder; escalade, scale.
Scan'do, scan'sum, to climb; ascend,

Sci'o, I know; Scien'tia, knowledge; science, conscience.

Scri'bo, scrip'tum,to write; inscribe, script.

Scru'tor, scruta'tus, to examine; inscrutable.

Scul'po, sculp'tum, to carve; sculpture.

Sec'o, sec'tum, to cut; insect, intersect, sect.

Sec'ulum, the age, the world; secular.

Secun'dus, second; secondary.
Sed'eo, ses'sum, to sit; assess, seden-


Se'men, sem'inis, seed; disseminate, | Sõr'or, a sister; sororicide.


Sors, sor'tis, a lot; assort, resort, sort. Sem'i, half; semi-annual, semi- Spar'go, spar'sum, I scatter; asperse. weekly. Spat'ium, space; spacious,expatiate. Spě'cio, spec'tum, to look; Spĕ'cies, a form; aspect, despise, prospect, respect, spectre.

Sep'tem, seven; septennial, Septem- Spe'ro, I hope; despair, prosper. Spi'na, a thorn; spine, spinal.


Seq'uor, secu'tus, to follow; subse- Spi'ro, spira'tum, to breathe; aspiquent. rate, conspire, expire, spirit, spire.

Sĕr'o, ser'tum, to join together; in- Spis'sus, thick; inspissate.
Splen'deo, I shine; splendid.
Spol'ium, plunder; spoil, spoliation.
Spon'deo, spon'sum, to promise; re-

Spon'te, of free will; spontaneous.
Spŭ'rius, not genuine; spurious.
Stel'la, a star; stellar, constellation.
Stěr'ilis, barren; sterile.
Ster'no, stra'tum, to spread out;
consternation, prostrate, stratum,
strata, n. pl.

Stig'ma, a mark or brand; stigma-

Sen'ex, old; senior, senile, senator. Sen'tio, sen'sum, to feel, to think; sentient.

sert, series, sermon.

Ser'po, I creep; serpent, serpentine.
Sĕr'ra, a saw; serrated.
Ser'vo, serva'tum, to keep; pre-
serve, observe.

Ser'vus, a slave; Serʼvio, servi'tum,

to serve; servile, subserve. Se-vēr'us, severe; asseverate, perse


Sex, six; sexagenarian, sextant. Sid'us, sid'eris, a constellation; sidereal.

Sig'num, a sign; significant, signature.

Sil'eo, I am noiseless; silently. Sil'ex, sil'icis, flint; silicious. Sim'ilis, like; Sim'ul, at the same time; Sim'ulo, I feign; assimilate, similar, simultaneous, dissimulation, resemble, sim'i-le.

Sin'us, a bent surface, a bosom;

sinuous, insinuate.

Sto, sta'tum, to stand; state, statute.

Sis'to, sta'tum, to stand; assist, in- Strep'o, I make a noise; obstrepersist.


Strin'go, stric'tum, to bind; strin-
gent, strict.

Stru'o, struc'tum, to build; con-
struct, destroy, instruct, structure.
Stu❜deo, I am eager; student, study.
Stul'tus, foolish; stultify.
Stu'peo, I am struck senseless; stu-
pendous, stupefy, stupid.

Sit'us, position; site, situation. So'cius, a companion; associate, social.

Sol, so'lis, the sun; solar, solstice,

Sol'eo, I am accustomed; insolent.
Solidus, solid; consolidate, soldier.
So'lor, I comfort; console, solace.
Sol'us, alone; sole, solitary, desolate.
Sol'vo, solu'tum, to loose; absolve,

Som'nus, sleep; insomnious, somnolent.

Son'us, a sound; consonant, unison. Sop'or, poppy juice, lethargy; soporific.

Stil'la, a drop; instill, distill, still.
Stim'ulus, a spur; stimulate.
Stin'guo, stinc'tum, to put out; ex-
tinct, extinguish, instinct.

Sti'po, stipa'tum, to crowd together;

Stirps, stir'pis, root or stem; extirpate.

Sor'beo, sorp'tum, I suck in; absorb.
Sor'didus, filthy; sordid.

Sty'lus, a stake, a style for writing, style.

Sua'deo, sua'sum, to advise; dissuade.

Sua'vis, sweet; assuage, suavity. Su'do, suda'tum, to sweat; exude, sudorific.

Su'go, suc'tum, to suck; suction, succulent.

Su'i, of one's self; suicide.

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