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loan lobe lore mode mope more most node nose note oath oats poke pope pork port post road roam roan robe rode rope rose rove show snow soak soap sown stow toad tome tope tore torn trow vote wore worn wove yoke yore.

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Bond chap clod doll fond font frog from grot balt knob knot malt plod pomp pond romp salt scot shot song spot swab swan swap trod wash wand what.

ū Chew cube duke dupe feud fume fuse huge kņex lieu lute mule mute puke rude rule shoe stew suit true tube tune view.

ů Bird blur bulb bulk burn burr butt buzz chub club come curb curd curl dirk dirt does done dove drub drug dull dumb dusk erst earl earn fern firm fund furl fuss fuzz glut grub gulf gull gulp gush hers herb herd hulk hull hunt hurl hurt hush husk jerk jump junk love luck lull lurk monk much mull musk null numb plug plum púlp purl purr runt rush rusk scad $cum shun shut slug slur slut smut snub snug some soot spun spur stir stub stun such suds sunk surd surf swum term tong tuft turf turn tusk verb urge wert wont word work worm 'gird 3girt #girl 5thus.

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Boor boot buoy cool coop coot food fool hoot loom loop lose mood moor move ooze pool poor rood roof root soup tomb tool tour whom woof.

୪୪ Bush push foot good hood wood hoof hoop puss put wolf wool.

oi Coif coin doit join loin void.


Cowl down gown howl loud noun sour town 5 thou.

á Baize blain blame blaze braid braze break chafe chain chase claim crane craze deiga eight faith

feign feint flail flame frail frame gauge glaze grate graze great jakes knave maize neigh plait

quail raise range scale shade shame shave skate skein slain snail snake spade spray stage staid stain stale stave stray swain trade trail trait twain vague waist waive whale bathes.

ah Halve salve chaff quaff staff craft shaft psalm taunt wrath haunt laugh blast brass chant clasp class dance daunt flask glass graft grant grasp grass lance slant.



Barge large targe chart smart start march parch harsh marsh snarl carve charm farce guard parse scarf shark sharp spark stark.

å Badge brand champ clamp clang clash cramp crash flash gland gnash grand knack lapse plaid plant quack scalp scant scrag scrap shall shalt slash

smack spasm stack stamp stand strap thank tract • trash twang wrack 'chasm.

Aught brawl brawn broad broth cause chalk cloth corse crawl cross drawn drawl dross dwarf fault fraud frost gauze gloss gorge groat loath north ought pause pshaw qualm quart scald scoff scorn thorn torch troth vault vaunt wharf wrong wroth horse snort stork storm cough.

ē Beech bleak brief cease cheap cheek chief clean cream dream eaves field fiend freak gleam glean glebe green greet grief heath lease leech liege niece peace piece pique plead queen sheaf siege sleep sneak speak steam tease teeth theme thief three tweak wield wreak yield.

ě Check cleft crept death depth fetch helve ketch meant realm shelf shred slept smelt speck stead sweat swept tempt theft whelp wreck.

squeak squeal squeeze streak stream street 'scheme breathes sheathes wreathe.

ě . Breast breath breadth cleanse drench fledge friend health length pblegm pledge quench sketch sledge spread stealth strength stress stretch thread threat trench wealth whence wrench wretch thence.

1 Blight bright flight fright height knight plight spright scribe shrine splice squire stride strife strike stripe strive thrice thrive whilst blithe acythe writhe.

Y Bridge clinch cringe flinch fitch fringe glimpse prince quince schism shrill shrimp shrink splint spring squills squint stills stitch strict string swinge switch thrift thrill twinge twitch.

Broach brogue growth hoarse scroll source stroke stroll stove throat throve clothes, loathe though.

Ď Blotch bronze mosqué prompt sconce scotch stocks throng squash.


Bruise cruise shrewd sluice spruce through.

ů Church clutch crutch, dearth drudge grudge plunge scourge search spunge strung squirt thirst thrush thurst tongue trudge tough rough chough.

oo Choose groove 'school smooth.


Bounce flounce pounce trounce browse drowse spouse drought spreut ground grouse plough shroud slouch slough.

God made us to bless us, and he will bless us, if we love him and try to do all that is good, and just, and true.

We must be kind to the poor : we must feed them, and make then warm ; we must give them what they need if we can, and not let them die for want of our aid. What we give to the poor, we lend to the Lord; and mark, what we give, he will re-pay us.

If you have a wish to be gord, wise and great, read with care, such books as have been made by wise and good men. Think of what you have read when you are at rest; tell your friend what you have read, and what you think of it; and by such means you will become wise and good.

A good book is like a good friend, it will teach you good things ; but bad books are like bad men, they will teach you wrong things, and lead you on to sin and death.

If you lead a good life, you will have no reason to fear death, but if your ways are bad, you must change them, or your end will be miserable. Your whole life is made up of hours, days, months and years ; and if you wish the whole to be good, see that each part be good: and then your end will be happy.

Commune with thyself, O man! and consider whereof thov art made.

Contemplate thy powers; contemplate thy wants and thy connexions ; '90 shalt thou discover the duties of life, and be directed in all thy ways.

Proceed not to speak or to act, before thou hast weighed thy words, and examined the tendency of every step thou shalt take ; so shall disgrace fly far froin thee, and in thy house shall shame be a stranger ; repentance shall not visit thee, nor sorrow disfigure thy cheek.

The thoughtless man bridleth not his tongue ; he speaketh at random, and is entangled in the foolish ness of his own words.

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ga rous

stran ger

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grace ful grace less grate ful

ag ate


way ward

cam brick

al pine

may or

Words of two Syllables, accented on the first.

1 ¢ã

státes man ab stract: A ble gai ly straight way ac me a cre

ac tress a gue gau ger

tai lor a cid ail ment

taint ed.

ac tive ail ing

taste less

ad junct ale house

trades man

ad verse a ries : : great ness trải tor.

ad age bai liff hein ous

ya cate blame less kna vish va grant a' gile, brace let la bour

va pour

al cove brave ly

lay er wain scot alm ond ca dence lay man

waste ful al ley cai tiff maid en way lay,

al ões ca liph ma jor

al pha ma nēs 16

weight case ment

am ply cha os

name sake Air ing an' ichor change ling na tive

bear ing claim ant neigh bour beard legs an' guish cray on

bear er paint ing chair man

an swer dain tyfu pay ment,

a' rid

ar ron rai ment. da tive

back bite eigh teen

pear main back wards eigh ty rai sin

bag gage rasor

scarcely bag pipe faint ing safe guard stair case

bar row faith ful sailor

5 there fore black smith fa mous sales map

ware house bracket fa vour

sa vour where fore: brackish fla grant shame ful:

cab bage fla vour - shape legs

shape less Abbey cal cine fra grance shape ly ab Acess

cal lous fra grant state ly

ab sepce

cal lon

an' gry

pain ful

an ise


dai ry dai sy

plain tiff

fair y hairy hare lip heir ess

ax le

[blocks in formation]

pray er

fail ing

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