Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

The tuneful Swans on gliding Rivers float,
And warbling Dirges, die on ev'ry Note.
Where Flora treads her Zephyr Garlands flings,
And scatters Odours from his Purple Wings;

Whilst Birds from Woodbine Bow'rs and Jesmin Groves
Chaunt their glad Nuptials, and unenvy'd Loves.
Mild Seasons, rising Hills, and silent Dales,
Cool Grotto's, Silver Brooks, aud flow'ry Vales,
Groves fill’d with balmy Shrubs in pomp appear, 320
And scent with Gales of Sweets the circling Year.

These happy Isles, where endless Pleasures wait,
Are stil'd by tuneful Bards The Fortunate.
On high where no hoarse Winds nor Clouds resort,
The hoodwink'd Goddess keeps her partial Court.

Upon a Wheel of * Amethyst she sits,
Gives and resumes, and smiles and frowns by fits.
In this still Labyrinth, around here lye
Spells, Philters, Globes, and Schemes of Palmistry:
A Sigil in this Hand the Gypsie bears,

330 In th' other a prophetick Sive and Sheers.

The Dame by Divination knew that soon The Magus wou'd appear - and then begun: Hail, sacred Seer! thy Embassie I know, Wars must ensue, the Fates will have it so.

335 Dread Feats shall follow, and Disasters great, + Pills charge on Pills, and Bolus Bolus meet: Both Sides shall conquer, and yet Both shall fall; The Mortar now, and then the Urinal.

* This Stone reckoned fortunate; see the Hist. of Nat. Magick. See the Allusion, Lucan.

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315 And scatters ] Shaking rich 316 Whilst ] And An Stelle ron 320-321 hat 6:

In this bless'd Climate all the circling Year prevails. 328 lie wi

331 sieve 11. Wi

338 fail; 11. W

330 gypsy

11. W 1




To Thee alone my Influence I owe;
Where Nature has deny'd, my Favours flow.
'Tis 1 that give (so mighty is my Pow'r)
Faith to the Jeu, Complexion to the Moor.
I am the Wretch's Wish, the Rook's Pretence,
The Sluggard's Ease, the Coxcomb's Providence.
Sir Scrape-Quill, once a supple smiling Slave,
Looks lofty now, and insolently Grave.
Builds, Settles, Purchases, and has each Hour
Caps from the Rich, and Curses from the Poor.
Spadillio, that at Table serv'd o' late,
Drinks rich Tockay himself, and eats in Plate;
Has Levees, Villas, Mistresses in store,
And owns the Racers which he rubb'd before.

Souls heav'nly born my faithless Boons defy;
The Brave is to himself a Deity.
Tho' bless'd Astrea's gone, some Soil remains
Where Fortune is the Slave, and Merit reigns.

The Tyber boasts his Julian Progeny,
Thames his Nassau, the Nyle his Ptolomy,
Iberia, yet for future Sway design'd,
Sball for a H-, a greater M- find.
Thus * Ariadne in proud Triumph rode,
She lost a + Heroe, and she found a **God.




* See Steph.

* Theseus.

** Bacchus.

361 Hess 6. W 1 || Mordaunt Wi

The Dispensary.

Canto V. When the still Night, with peaceful Poppies crown'd, Had spread her shady Pipions o'er the Ground; And slumb’ring Chiefs of painted Triumphs dream, While Groves and Streams are the soft Virgin's Theme. The Surges gently dash against the Shoar,

Flocks quit the Plains, and Gally-Slaves the Oar.
Sleep shakes its downy Wings o'er mortal Eyes,
Mirmillo is the only Wretch, it flies.
He finds no Respite from his anxious Grief;
Then seeks, from this Soliloquy, Relief.

Long have I reigo'd unrival'd in the Town;
Oppress'd with Fees and deafen'd with Renown.
None e'er cou'd die with due Solemnity,
Unless his Pass-port first were sign'd by Me.
My arbitrary Bounty's undeny'd;

I give Reversions, and for Heirs provide.
None cou'd the tedious Nuptial State support;
But I, to make it easie, make it short.



Grief, l_

2 o're l_4
3 slumbring 1-4 7 o’re 1-4

8 Flies. I_4

He finds no Respite from his ) No Respite he can find from || respite 1-41

10 Soliloquy 1 || relief. 24 12 And great as my Ambition's my Renown. " Glutted with Fees, and mighty in Renown. 2-4 Cumber'd with Fees, and glutted with Renown. 13 None e'er cou'd die ] There's none can dye 1A 14 were ] be 14

was W1 15 undeny'd, 1-4

It set the discontented Matrons free,
And ransom Husbands from Captivity.

Shall One of such Importance then engage
In noisie Riot, and in Civil Rage?
No, I'll endeavour strait a Peace, and so
Preserve my Character, and Person too.
But Discord, that still haunts with hideous Micn

25 Those dire Abodes where Hymen once has been, O'er-heard Mirmillo's Anguish, then begun In peevish Accents to express her own.

Have I so often banish'd lazy Peace From her dark Solitude, and lov'd Recess?

30 Have I made S-th and Sh-ck disagree, And puzzle Truth with learn'd Obscurity ? And does my faithful F-son profess His Ardour still for Animosities? Have I, Britannia's Safety to insure,

35 Expos'd her naked, to be more secure? Have I made Parties opposite, unite, In monstrous Leagues of amicable Spight To curse their Country, whilst the common Cry Is Freedom, but their Aim, the Ministry?

40 And shall a Dastard's Cowardise prevent The War, so long I've labour'd to foment? No, 'tis resolv’d, he either shall comply, Or I'll renounce my wan Divinity.

With that, the Hag approach'd Mirmillo's Bed, 45 And taking Querpo's meager Shape, She said; 20 Ransom 1-4

21 And [Then 2–4] shall so useful a Machin as I 1-4 || then ] now 22 Engage in civil Broyls, I know not why? 123 straight 24 Character, and ] Honour, and my

27-28 O’reheard Mirmillo reas’ning in his Bed; Then raging inwardly the Fury said ; 14 || peevish ] sullen 29 banisht 1-4

31 S- 3-4 South W' || S-lock 1–2 S— 8 S-k+ Sherlock W. 33 my ) the Wi|| Fer-son 1 Ferguson W1

39 To curse ] Tembroyl

42 War 1 - + || long, 1-4



35 ensure,

11. W 1


* || Cry, 1-4


At Noon of Night I hasten to dispel Those Tumults in your pensive Bosom dwell. I dreamt but now I heard your heaving Sighs, Nay, saw the Tears debating in your Eyes. O that 'twere but a Dream! But Threats I find Low'r in your Looks, and rankle in your Mind. Speak, whence it is this late Disorder flows, That shakes your Soul, and troubles your Repose. Mistakes in Practice scarce cou'd give you Pain, 55 Too well you know the Dead will ne'er complain. What Looks discover, said the Homicide, Wou'd be a fruitless Industry to hide. My Safety first I must consult, and then I'll serve our suff'ring Party with my Pen.

60 All shou'd, reply'd the Hag, their Talent learn; The most attempting oft the least discern. Let P-h speak, and V-k write, Soft Acon court, and rough Caecinna fight: Such must succeed; but when th' Enervate aim

65 Beyond their Force, they still contend for Shame, Had C- printed nothing of his own. He had not been the S-fold o' the Town. Asses and Owls, unseen, their Kind betray, 47 I come, altho' at Midnight, to dispel, 1-4 At dead o' Night o 49–50 I dream't, but now, my Friend, that you were by, Methought I saw your Tears, and heard you sigh. 51 Threats ]

52 Low'r ] Grief 1–4 Storms || rankle ] Tempests 1-4 Terror 53 disorder 1-4 55 Mistakes in ] Erroneus 1-4 56 ne're :58--62 lauten in 1-3:

Wou'd be but too impertinent to hide.
My Stars direct me to decline the Fight;
The way to serve our Party, is to write.
How many, said the Fury, had nod split

On Shelves so fatal, if they ne're had writ! 63–66 fehlen in 1-3 63 Peterborough Wi || Vanbrug W1 65 th’enervate * 66 shame. 67 Ch !_ Colbatch W' || own, 68 Saffold Wi 69 Neuer Abschnitt 1 || their Kind ] themselves 6










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