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Cleckin, a brood
Cleek, to take hold of, to snatch
Clink, a sharp stroke
Clinkin, smartly
Clinkumbell, the bellringer, the

Cloot, the hoof
Clout, to patch
Clud, a cloud
Clunk, sound being

emptied Coble, a flat boat Coft, bought Cog, a wooden vessel, used

chiefly as a plate
Coof, a stupid fellow
Cookit, hid
Coor, to cover
Coost, cost
Coolie, a small pail
Core, corps
Couthie, lovingly, comfortably
Crack, to chat
Cracks, conversation
Craik, the corn-crake, the land-

Crambo-jingle, rhyming
Cranreuch, rime, hoar-frost
Creeshie, greasy
Cronie, a familiar companion
Croon, to hum
Croose, confident, proud
Crouchie, hunchbacked
Crowdie-time, porridge-[i.

Crummock, a cudgel
Crump, crisp
Cuddle, to fondle
Curchie, a curtesy
Curpin, the crupper of a horse
Custock, the pith of the colewort.

Dad, Daddie, father
Daffin, fun
Daft, foolish, merry, out of one's

Dails, planks
Darg, a task
Darklins, in the dark
Daur, to dare
Daw, to dawn
Dawds, big pieces
Dawt, to fondle, to pet
Deleeret, delirious
Dight, to wipe
Ding, to hit, to beat
Dinna, do not
Dirl, to vibrate
Donsie, illtempered
Dool, woe, sorrow
Douce, sedate
Dowff, dull
Dowie, downcast, drooping
Doytin, doddering
Draigl't, draggled
Driegh, tedious
Driddle, to toddle
Droop-rumpit, short-rumped
Drucken, drunken
Dry, thirsty
Dub, puddle
Duds, Duddies, clothes, rags
Dyke, a stonefence.

E’e, the eye Een, eyes


E'en, E'enin, evening
Eerie, awesome, apprehensive
Eldritch, unearthly
Ettle, aim, intention
Eydent, diligent.
Fa', to fall, to befall, to have,

to claim

Fremit, estranged
Fu', full
Fud, a short tail
Fuff, to puff
Fyke, fret, anxiety
Fyle, to dirty.

Faddom, to fathom
Fain, fond, glad, desirous
Fainness, fondness
Farls, small cakes
Fash, to trouble, to bother
Fasten-e'en, the evening before

lent Fause, false Fause-house, the hole in a corn

stack Feat, spruce Fecht, to fight Feck, the greater part Feckless, pithless Fell, pungent, keen, deadly Fend, to keep off, to defend Fidge, to fidget Fient, "fiend, a petty oath" (B) Fiere, a companion Fissle, to tingle Fit, foot Fittie-lan', the near horse of the

hindmost pair in the plough

(then drawn by four horses] Flainen, flannel Flee, to fly Fleech, to wheedle Fleesh, fleece Fley'd, scared Fling, to kick, to caper, to dance Flisk, to fret, to caper Flit, to change Flyte, to scold Forbears, ancestors Forby, besides Forgather, to meet; Forgather up,

to make friends with Forjeskel, jaded Fou', full, drunk Fow, a bushel Frae, from

Gab, the mouth Gabs, talk Gae, gave Gae, to go Gaed, went Gaen, gane, gone Gaels, ways Gang, to go Gangrel, a vagrant Gar, to make, to compel Garten, a garter Gash, well-to-do, wise, self-com

placent Gash, to talk Gate, the way, the road, the


Gaun, going
Gawky, a foolish lad or woman
Gawsie, buxom, big
Gear, goods, money, wealth
Get, issue, offspring
Gie, to give, Gied, gave, Gien,

Gif, if
Gilpey, young girl
Gin, if
Girn, to twist the face in pain

or wrath, to snarl
Gizi, a wig
Glaizie, glossy
Glint, to shine obliquely
Gloamin, the twilight
Glow'r, to stare
Glow'r, a stare

Gowan, the wild daisy

Havers, nonsense Gowd, gold

Hawkie, a name for a cow (proGraip, grape, a dung fork

perly one that is white faced] Graith, implements, instruments, Healsome, v. Halesome attire

Hecht, to offer, 10 promise Grain, to groan

Heckle, a huckling comb
Grain, a groan

Herd, the tender of cattle
Grannie, Graunie, grandmother Heugh, a hollow
Grape, to grope

Hilch, to hobble, to limp
Grat, wept

Hing, to hang Greet, to weep

Hirple, to move unevenly Grumphie, the pig

Hoddin, "the motion of a sage Gruntle, a grunt

countryman riding on a cart Gude, God

horse" (B) Gude, Guid, good

Hoddin-grey, Homespun grey Guid-father, father-in-law

cloth Guid-man, the husband.

Hoodie-craw, the carrion crow

Hool, the outer case Ha', the hall

Hoord, to hoard Hae, have

Horn, a spoon made of horn Haffet, the temple, the side of Hornie, a name for the Devil the head

Hotch, to jerk Hafflins, half-way, partly

Houghmagandie, fornication Haggis, see Notes to “Address Howe, a hollow to a Haggis"

Howe-backel, hollow backed Hain, to spare, to save

Howk, to dig Hairst, harvest

Howlet, the owl Hale, whole, the whole

Hoy't, urged Halesome, Healsome, wholesome Hoyte, "to amble crazily” (B) Hallan, a partition wall

Hughoc, dim. of Hugh Halloween, All saints Eve

Hunkers, hams Hame, home

Hurcheon, the hedgehog Han', hand

Hurchin, an urchin
Hangie, hangman

Hurdies, the buttocks.
Hansel, the first gift
Hap-step-an'-lowp, hop-step-and- I', in

Ilka, each, every
Harn, coarse cloth

Ingine, "genius, ingenuity” (B) Haud, to hold

Ingle, the fireside Haurl, to trail

I'se, I shall, or will Hav'rel, halfwitted

Ilher, other.

Yad, a jade
Jauk, to dally
Jaup, to splash
Jink, to dodge quickly
Jinker, a swift goer
Jo, a lover
Jocteleg, a pocket knife
Jow-and-croon, to swing and

Lave, the rest
Lav'rock, the lark
Lays, pastures
Leal, loyal
Lear, learning
Lee-long, live-long
Leeze me on, commend me to
Leuk, to look
Lick, to sup
Lin, Linn, a waterfall
Link, to trip swiftly
Lint, flax
Lintwhite, the linnet
Loof, the palm of the hand
Lough, a pond, a lake
Low, Lowe, a Alame
Lowin', flaming, burning
Lowse, to let loose, to untie
Lug, the ear
Luggie, an eared caup, a porringer
Lum, the chimney
Lume, a loom
Lunches, large portions
Lunt, smoke, steam
Lyart, grey, discoloured, withered.


Kail, Kale, the colewort
Kebars, rafters
Kebbuck, a cheese
Keek, to look, to glance slyly
Ken, to know
Kep, to catch
Ket, the fleece on a sheep's body
Kiaugh, anxiety
Kimmer, a gossip
Kirk, a church
Kirn, a harvest-home
Kittle, to tickle
Kitllin, a kitten
Kiutlin, cuddling
Knaggie, knobby
Knowe, a knoll
Kye, cows
Kyle, the belly
Kythe, to show, to display.

Lag, slow, backward
Laigh, low
Lair, lore
Laith, loath
Laithfu', loathful, hesitating
Lallan, lowland
Lane, lone
Lang, long
Langsyne, long ago
Lap, leapt
Lassie, girl

Mair, more
Maist, most
'Maist, almost
Mak, to make
Manteele, a mantle
Maukin, a hare
Maun, must
Maut, malt
Meikle, Muckle, much
Melder, meal-grinding
Mell, to meddle
Melvie, to dust with meal
Mense, tact, discretion
Menseless, unmannerly, senseless
Midden, a dunghill

Mim, primly
Mind, to remember
Minnie, mother
Mirk, dark

Pow, the poll
Pree, Prie, to taste
Press, a cupboard
Primsie, precise
Pu', to pull
Puddock-stool, a toad-stool
Pussie, a name for the cat or hare
Pyke, to pick.

Monie, many

Mools, crumbling earth
Moop, to nibble
Moss, a bog
Muckle, v. Meikle.

Quean, a young woman.

[blocks in formation]

Ragweed, ragwort, benweed
Raible, to recite by rote
Rair, to roar
Raize, to excite
Ramfeezled, exhausted
Randie, turbulent, lawless
Rant, to make merry, to roister
Rash, a rush
Rash-buss, a clump of rushes
Ratton, a rat
Raucle, sturdy
Raught, reached
Rax, to stretch, to extend
Ream, to cream, to foam
Reek, to smoke
Reest, to scorch
Reest, to refuse to go
Remead, remedy
Ripp, a handful of corn from the

Risk, to crack
Rive, to tear, to burst
Rock, a distaff
Rockin, a social meeting
Roose, to praise
Row, Rowe, to roll, to flow
Runkled, wrinkled
Runt, the stalk of the colewort

or the cabbage Ryke

Paidle, 10 paddle, to wade
Painch, the paunch
Paitrick, the partridge
Pang, to cram


Pat, pot

Penny-fee, small wages
Penny-wheep, small-beer
Philibeg, the Highlander's kilt
Pleugh, a plough
Pliver, a pover
Pock, a small bag
Pou, Pow, to pull

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